Payton O.

Greenall High School

My name is Payton Oswald, and I have attended Greenall High School for the past four memorable, enjoyable, and challenging years.

Throughout those years, I have kept myself busy, it almost felt like I was in the arts corridor or dance studio more than at home! I’ve made wonderful memories even throughout my busy chaos, whether it was in the Fall Musicals, Best Buddies, SLC, One-Act plays, Choir, Concert/R&B Band, or outside of school in the dance studio, both teaching and learning various disciplines of dance. While being involved, I have somehow managed to maintain a 95% average and make top Honour Roll every year! I have received many amazing opportunities through everything I have been involved in during my time at Greenall. I traveled to New Brunswick with my best friends. With One-Acts, I attended SDA’s Regional Drama Festivals and our plays won which lead us to go onto SDA’s Provincial Drama Festival, I also had the opportunity of individual performance awards at both regional and provincial festivals. I attended Best Buddies conferences, played the role of Doralee Rhodes in 9 to 5 (which is Dolly Paton’s role, AKA my idol!!) and so much more.

My plans for the fall have not been decided, because if you know me you know how indecisive I am! I am currently enrolled at the University of Regina’s Pre-K to 5 Education program, but I am also waiting to hear back from York University to pursue my passion for theatre and the arts!