Vladyslav K.

Harvest City Christian Academy

My name is Vladyslav Kosheliev. It has been almost five years, since my family crossed the sea from Ukraine to Canada, allowing me to become a student in the Harvest City Christian Academy. These past five years have shaped me to become the person I am today and allowed me to see the world under different perspectives, using different languages and cultures. Harvest City became my home and provided me with tons of opportunities, some focusing on music and art, like choir; some focusing on science, like chemistry, and others focusing on life, like the Student Council, part of which I have gladly been. As we grow, our identity shapes to the final form, on which we reflect and move forward with. To me, it was the faith, through which I perceive the world, and use it as a compass to navigate. I will use that to continue in my studies when I attend the University of Regina in the faculty of Media, Arts, and Performance. I am extremely excited to use the opportunity given to me and to see if this will shape me even more. I am very grateful to my parents and teachers who helped me shape what I am today, and God, for being the compass in my life. That said, time to go and see what life has for me.