Caralyn E.

Regina Christian School

My name is Cara Engbers, and I have been a student at Regina Christian School since grade ten. In the years that I have attended RCS, I have grown significantly in my faith, studies, and as an individual.

Learning new things has always come naturally to me, and I have excelled in my courses throughout high school. Taking AP courses has stretched my thinking and given me the academic challenges that I thrive in. Throughout my years at RCS, I have been surrounded by Christian influences who have encouraged me to examine what I believe and live out my faith. I seek to positively impact those around me. Sometimes this is in smaller ways, such as asking someone how they are doing; other times it is in larger ways. This past year I initiated a book drive. The community responded enthusiastically and we were able to collect and donate $14,000 worth of books to over 700 grade, two students. This was an amazing opportunity that I am grateful to have been a part of.

I spend my free time reading, writing letters, playing piano, biking, cross-country skiing, or doing whatever craft I happen to come across. I am a massive geek and am obsessed with anything and everything Marvel, Star Wars, or Broadway. After graduation, I intend to pursue a degree in Chemistry. I am grateful for the experiences of these past years and look forward to the opportunities, learning, and growth that the next years hold.