I started going to Thom Collegiate in the French Immersion program in Grade 10. I signed up for all of the music classes and have made the honour roll each year. Music has always been an inspiration to me, and I was thrilled to play the lead role in our high school musical, “Honk,” this year.

I have treasured my time in high school and have been known to always help out when I am needed and to go above and beyond of what is expected of me. I take none of the credit for my actions, as I’ve been taught in church that being under my authorities will always be a blessing. I am not afraid to ask God for everything that I need, as I couldn’t have done 13 years of school without going to Him in prayer.

Ever since I could open my eyes and play with the “big kid toys,” I was fascinated with all modes of transportation and how they worked. When I went for a flight at the Regina Flying Club on March 16, 2012, I was told by my flight instructor that I should really pursue flying, as he thought I was born to fly, which totally inspired me. As a result, I am actually on my way to getting my private pilot’s license to pursue flying as a career.

I am in awe of getting this award and couldn’t have done it without God, my family, friends and teachers.