William – Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School

My name is William and I am not the brightest in my school, and I am definitely not the most involved either, but what I can tell you is that from my time at Miller I have grown so much. Some of the things that I have helped out with include things like the Miller Makerspace, Miller Techexperts, and Miller robotics. Almost everything technological, I have either helped with, or set into motion at Miller. As I said I am not the brightest in my classes but I do help a lot around the school and the community I have helped at Ignite for the Space Science Centre of Regina, and I have also helped at Regina Public Library.

As the years progress I have tried to get more and more students involved in technology so that they may help the teachers when I am finished high school. Out of everything that I have done in life, going to Miller has definitely been a highlight, getting to go and help the young and the old; It shows you the difference in life. I have been told many times, “Most learning isn’t done in the classroom it is done outside the classroom.” I agree with this quote and I am glad my teachers have allowed me to go and learn things on my own. Overall I have enjoyed my time at Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School.