My name is Webster, and I was born on May, 1997, in Radville. I have a brother, Drew; sister, Jenna; and two wonderful parents, Jaylynne and Rick. Our sixth member, dog Gromit, recently passed away. Coming from a small town, I sometimes approach things slightly differently, which has shaped who I am and how I act in many environments.

I was homeschooled for one and a half years, and when I re-entered public school, I was ahead by almost an entire grade. That gave me some spare time to explore programming and designing websites/applications, which then led to me taking high school computer science courses.

Over the years, I’ve been involved with organizations such as the YMCA, Youth for Christ, Souls Harbour, Food Bank, and Arlington Beach Camp. I have especially been impacted by the YMCA’s Leaders program, which focuses on community leadership through outreach and fundraising, as well as leading YMCA programs.

I am very involved in my school’s music department (wind ensemble, senior choir, jazz band, vocal jazz, and the chamber singers). I also have been involved with school musicals, working with backstage tech and props.

In my mind, I am an average student who is involved, but the more people I meet, the more I can tell that what I see as normal is considered extra work for other people. After I graduate in June, I will begin studying engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.