Victory H.

Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School

My name is Victory Howard and I am the SRC Liturgical Representative at Dr. Martin LeBoldus
Catholic High School. I try to place my faith above all else I do because it is very important to
me. I grew up a pastor’s kid, which might mean something to you if you are also a pastor’s kid,
but if not, it just means I lived and breathed VeggieTales until I was ten. I’ve always been
involved in my church, the Oasis, and I spend the summers working at a bible camp called
Trossachs. Working at camp is my favorite thing to do because I love kids, the outdoors, and
only getting four hours of sleep every night.
The reason I’m posing in front of a truck in my picture is because I told everyone that I was
going to drive a semi after high school, but my dad said no. So, I’m doing the next best thing:
theatre. I’m not sure what I expect to get out of it, but I do really love drama. I’ve been acting for
over twelve years, mostly in Improv and school productions, and I’m co-directing LeBoldus’
spring One-Act plays. I’m also involved in our band program, five choirs, Minga- our social
justice program- and coaching gymnastics.
The reason I can still function is because I have grown up in a family of ten. They have given
me so much love and support over the years, and I couldn’t do it without them.