Tyresha G.

Balfour Collegiate

My name is Tyresha Goodwill, and I am in my senior year of being a “Bear” at Balfour Collegiate! Over
the past four years, I have found many ways of expressing myself through academics, sports and friends.
One of Balfour’s mottos is “getting involved” and I would say I have done just that.
My love for playing volleyball started when I made the Balfour team in Grade 10 and continued
throughout Grades 11 and 12. I made great friendships, as well as developed commitment and
determination. Getting involved has opened many other opportunities as I also play for Queen City
Volleyball Club and for Cote First Nation, my reservation.
I would consider myself to be very multicultural in all I do. I like to bring my First Nations perspectives
and experiences into the classroom and my assignments, therefore, participating in the Cree and Native
Studies classes.
Attending the Early Childhood Education program at Campus Regina Public gave me the opportunity of
being a student-teacher at Thomson Community School. These opportunities offered at Balfour have
definitely shaped who I am and, as a result, I will be attending the First Nations University of Canada for
my Bachelor of Education degree this fall.
Although these four years came with challenges, they both taught and shaped me into the person I am
today. I found my loves and passions as well as my dislikes. If it were not for the belonging atmosphere,
supporting teachers, friends and family, I would have not succeeded in getting involved and achieving
my goals.