Hello! My name is Todd, and I am the Liturgical Representative on the SRC for Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School. “Uphold the Cross and Capture the Crown” is our school motto. I have always attempted to follow this motto by my example, from the time I entered high school as a grade nine student to a soon-to-be graduating senior. In just a few short months, I will be a graduate of Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School and will be taking with me memories of the place that I was proud to call my “second home”.

These past four years have been filled with the challenges of learning and of achieving academic goals while at the same time trying to be an example of high school spirit through my extra-curricular involvements. I am honoured to have been awarded the individual class honour awards for having one of the highest overall grade averages in Computer Science 20 and Grade 9 Christian Ethics as well as achieving honour roll status throughout my high school years. It was also an overwhelming experience to be recognized for my volunteerism with the Christian Service Awards in grades nine and eleven. Throughout high school, I was determined to become involved in extra-curricular activities in hopes of making a difference in my high school community. The most fulfilling experience for me was becoming a peer buddy with our school’s chapter of Best Buddies. Being part of this remarkable organization has been a very humbling experience, as I was given the privilege to experience life through the eyes of not only my buddy, but those of other chapter members who live with a disability; I will always treasure these experiences throughout my life’s journey. I have also been actively involved with the God Squad, with scorekeeping for our high school’s home basketball games, with managing and keeping stats for senior boys basketball, and volunteering as a peer tutor. And I am particularly grateful for having the opportunity to be this year’s Liturgical Representative on the SRC. All these memorable moments could never have been achieved without the support of my family, friends and teachers. Recently, I was awarded the University of Regina Centennial Merit Scholarship upon my acceptance into the Faculty of Science at Campion College for the fall term of 2015. I will be pursuing a Biology major and upon achieving this goal, I hope to one day have a career in Environmental Law.