Tim – F.W. Johnson Collegiate

My name is Tim Lu, and I am a senior at F.W. Johnson Collegiate, originally from mainland China. By attending this amazing high school, it has taught me that schooling isn’t all about my academics. My bi-culture background and focus on community collaboration has led me to a number of community leadership roles and volunteer opportunities. Volunteering as a Chinese school teacher for two years has taught me that “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” To me, passing on Chinese culture is as important as practising my religion. Leading children to learn about God is one of the most favourite things I like doing so I have been helping my church to organize and decorate VBS (Vacation Bible Study) for three years.

I also like being outdoors so joining Scouts was one of the wisest choices I made. Teaching Boy Scouts outdoor skills and having fun around the campfire are the things that I enjoy the most from scouting.

Right now I’m very enthusiastic about getting a foothold in the Electrical Engineering field. I think it’s an exciting profession with a lot of promise and opportunities for advancement, and I’m excited to go where it takes me.