Thomas H.

Sheldon-Williams Collegiate

My name is Thomas Haidl; however, that is not my only title. You may also know me as a multi-sport
athlete, student, swim instructor, the SLC President, lifeguard and even as an umpire.
I have attended Sheldon-Williams Collegiate for all four years of high school, following in the footsteps
of my two eldest sisters, uncles and father. During these four years as a student, I have participated in
our Student Leadership Council both as a member and now as President. The council has given me the
opportunity to observe different leadership styles and now apply my own as I and fellow executives
guide our council through the 2019 school year.
In regards to my academics, I took every opportunity for higher learning that I could, enrolling in
Advanced Placement calculus streams as well as AP English streams. In addition to my classes, I
participated in numerous athletics such as hockey, volleyball, football, track and field, and cross-country
running. During my time in Spartan athletics, we achieved a football city championship, and I became a
provincial champion hurdler. I also found the time to participate in the arts, becoming the first Haidl to
sing in the school choirs; this I did for my Grades 10 and 11 years.
My time at SWC has afforded me great experience and opportunity that I intend to carry with me as I
move on to future endeavours. I will be attending the University of Regina and hope to stay involved,
similarly to my time at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate.