Terrace T.

Regina Christian School

My name is Terrace Faith Tonn, named after what my dad refers to as the most beautiful mountain in
Canada, located in Terrace, BC. I have attended Regina Christian School since Grade 7 and have been so
blessed by my relationships with the students and teachers there. Many of them, especially my friend
Mackenzie, have pushed me to grow in my faith and as a person. Although I will be sad to leave what
has become my second home, I am very excited for the future ahead of me.
I have lived in Regina my whole life, but I have had amazing opportunities to travel around the world to
places such as South Africa, Zambia, Mexico, Guatemala and more! I am excited to be returning to
Guatemala on a mission team from my school this year. I am also involved with my school’s inner-city
mission team, SLC, choir, mentorship, musical and many other areas. I am working toward getting an
archery team started for my school this year after winning NASP nationals last year and going on to
compete with Team Canada in Worlds.
After high school, I am planning to attend Saskatchewan Polytechnic for dental assisting and later on,
dental hygiene. I am looking forward to one day spending more time travelling the world, volunteering
in new areas and possibly serving on a Mercy Ship off the coast of Africa. I am trusting God with my
future and excited to see where He leads me in the years to come.