Taylor F. – Archbishop M. C. O’Neill Catholic High School

Hello! I’m Taylor Fergusson, a senior at Archbishop M. C. O’Neill Catholic High School.

High school has changed me significantly, especially since I became involved in so many groups and clubs during my four years. From grades 9 to 12, I’ve participated in Choral, Vocal Jazz, Astronomy Club, Light & Sound, Improv, SRC, Assembly Committee, Cross Country, and 2 drama productions. On top of all the extra curricular activities, I was able to make Great Distinction in all high school grades so far. In terms of my curricular involvement, I’ve won Choral awards in grades 9 to 11, Vocal Jazz awards in grades 10 and 11, and the AP Psychology award, AP ELA award, and Communications Media award in grade 11. My involvement in the drama productions has also allowed me to receive the Best Supporting Actor award in grade 10, and Best Actor award in grade 11. Of course, keeping up with schoolwork and extra-curricular activities has been difficult and time consuming, but awards and satisfactory grades make it worthwhile.

I’m very passionate about music, fashion, and digital media, and I hope to have a future career involving any of those. I’m not quite sure on the exact career path I want to take yet, so I plan on taking a year off to explore my interests and find out what I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life. If it wasn’t for O’Neill, I wouldn’t have been able to involve myself in the activities I enjoy, and probably wouldn’t even know where to start when considering my future plans. My life simply would not be the same without everyone I met throughout my four years in high school.