Taryn W.

Sheldon-Williams Collegiate

Sheldon-Williams Collegiate has significantly influenced my character, provided lifelong friendships and
given me exceptional learning opportunities. I have played on both the basketball and volleyball teams.
In my senior year, I was honoured to be selected as the team captain for both teams. I also played
handball and ultimate frisbee for my school. Additionally, I have been involved in Seldon’s jazz and
concert bands for four years.
I have gained valuable leadership skills in my Leadership 20 & 30 courses. We organized events to raise
money for local organizations in our community. We raised $19,216 for Mobile Crisis Regina to raise
awareness for mental health and $26,500 for YWCA Regina domestic violence programs. This experience
enabled me to humble myself and view things from the perspective of others. Additionally, I channeled
my passion for volunteering through local organizations, including Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and
Regina Food for Learning.
Although extracurricular is a significant part of my life, academics have remained my priority. I was
fortunate to be a recipient of the honour roll in every year at Sheldon.
Next year, I will be attending the nursing program at the University of Regina. My leadership and
volunteer experience have helped me determine to pursue a career in which I am able to help and care
for others. I look forward to building relationships with my patients and contributing to making a
healthier community for everyone.