Taner – Sheldon-Williams Collegiate

My name is Taner Roy Olson; I am 17 years old and I go to Sheldon-Williams Collegiate. My interests are music, movies, cooking, skiing, and wakeboarding. When I was in Grade 10, I worked as a piano teacher at Music in the House. Currently, I work at Red Wagon Meats on 13th Avenue. The career I really want in the future is interior design; my second choice career is being a music teacher.

I would have to say that my favourite part about Sheldon thus far has been the music programs. In Grade 9, I joined the junior and senior concert and jazz bands; in Grade 10, I joined choir; and then in Grade 11, I joined vocal jazz and chamber choir. Now I am in all five music programs; they are my favourite classes, and I have no regrets about joining them.

I am also in my school’s outdoor clubs. We go on camping as well as ski and snowboard trips. In the past, we have travelled to Fernie, Asessippi, Douglas Provincial Park, Cypress Hills, and more. I have also gone on many trips with the Sheldon music program such as to Brandon, Bismarck, Whistler, and California.

In Grade 9, I got involved in wrestling and badminton. I have been involved in a lot of sports in the past, but my passion was always music and the schedule for sports and my piano and drum set lessons collided a lot so I chose music.