Scott Collegiate

My name is Victoria Gabriel, and I am an Advanced Placement (AP) student at Scott Collegiate. I am the first in my family to receive this award, and I am happy to say that I have done everything that I need to do to graduate high school and go to university and pursue my dream career as a musical performer.

Most of my after-school time consists of working with elementary school kids in the Growing Young Movers program, which I am a mentor for. Getting to help teach the future generation is something I take pride in doing whenever I can. I’ve done javelin every year of high school for track and field and it’s one of my favourite sports to do; it’s one of my passions and I look forward to doing it every year.

My biggest passion in life is music. Whenever I play my trumpet, I’m the happiest I can be. Performing in front of people brings me so much joy, I can’t even begin to describe it. I will be attending the University of Regina for music performance and possibly music education later on. I knew ever since the eighth grade that I wanted to be a musician when I grew up, and I’m happy to say that my dream has not changed since. Music has helped me so much in life and I just want to be able to bring other people the same joy that I get with music.

Scott Collegiate

My name is Shanaiah Creedance Geddes. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan on June 17, 2002 and adopted soon after birth. I’m working hard to achieve my goals I’ve dreamed of since I was six years old, which was to be a city police officer. I’ve moved around a lot but have lived here in Regina for four years.

I enjoy doing sketches and acrylic painting, but love playing and learning guitar. I absolutely take delight in many sports and Jiu Jitsu but most of all, I adore being around the people I love.

The biggest challenge I’m facing in my life is feeling emotionally well as I’ve been diagnosed with C-PTSD at a young age. I keep pushing and pushing even though it feels like a cement wall, but I think about my teachers, my friends and my family and it drives me to be the person I am today. I will never stop for myself or for others because that’s just who I am as a young Indigenous woman.

Scott Collegiate

My name is Samantha Kingerski. I am the youngest of three with two older brothers. I live in a single-parent household; my mom has been my rock through it all. I have a cat named Potato and he is such a goofball, but I love him anyways, even when he’s lazy.

During this last couple of years, I have gone through six surgeries. I have gone through three back surgeries, two wrist surgeries and one neck surgery. I didn’t think I would graduate with my peers, but I pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of and passed all of my classes.

I’m a Grade 12 student at Scott Collegiate and have been there since Grade 9. The staff is amazing and has strong community morals. I thank Scott staff for encouraging me to take pride in my work and to have a good community relationship.

Outside of school, I have been part of the Girl Guides of Canada program for 11 years. Since I turned 18 this year, I will be returning as a guider to the program to give back to the next generation of girls, just like my guiders did for me.

Following high school, I have been conditionally accepted to the First Nations University to the Indigenous Social Work program. I am taking this degree because I want to help the future generations to come.

Scott Collegiate

My name is Amilia Shepherd. I am 18 years old in Grade 12 at Scott Collegiate. I am from the Ocean Man First Nation but live in Regina. I recently got accepted into the University of Regina for pre-law and will start in the fall, where I will have that degree in four years. After that, I plan on going to a bigger city for law school and getting my law degree there.

I used to love going to karate and training for tournaments when I was younger, but didn’t have time for it after I started focusing on school and keeping up my grades. At the moment, I work as a mentor for an after-school program called G.Y.M. and get paid while working with the kids!

I moved out of my mom’s house and took on a lot of responsibilities at a young age. Some of those responsibilities are paying my own bills, getting myself to school, taking care of myself and making sure my apartment is clean…stuff you wouldn’t expect a 17 year old to be doing. Thankfully I was taught all those skills at a younger age from my family. Learning these life skills at a young age helped me to become the responsible person I am today.