Regina Christian School

Over my time at Regina Christian School, I have become involved in many of our activities. I have been majorly involved with the musicals, worship team and choir. I have served on our inner-city team and this year was on the Guatemala missions team. For a couple years, I have been on our Student Leadership Council, where I now serve as a president. I have enjoyed all of my years here at RCS and will be forever grateful for them.

I am forever improving my violin, piano, singing and guitar playing. In efforts to pester my family, I also dabble in playing the recorder. Formal writing is far from my greatest joy in life, but creative writing has grown into one of my biggest comforts. I love all forms of art but will choose pencil drawing over watercolour any day. I serve those I love at both my school and my church. I am an avid coffee enthusiast and will almost always be seen at school with a coffee in hand. I love to dwell on deep topics and to have my thoughts challenged, but more than all of this, I hope to be seen as a caring, servant- hearted, Christian role model and friend.

I was wanting to include elements of my love for music and my faith within my photo. Knox Metropolitan Church is a perfect mix of both. The beautiful stained glass windows and interior of Knox Metropolitan reminds me of my faith as a Christian, which has shaped me into the person who I am today. I also grew up going to Knox Metropolitan for many concerts and musical performances as a child. These performances inspired me to grow into the musician I am today. I believe the Knox Metropolitan Church embodies who I am in my faith and my music.

In my next year, I am planning to attend a song-writing program with YWAM in Alesund, Norway. There I hope to explore and grow in more of my passions. After that, I plan on attending university and eventually someday end up in a position where I can serve God and those around me.