My name is Sarah, and I was born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan. I have a small family of just my parents, younger brother, but with our two pets of a cat and a dog the house is never quiet.

I attend Luther College High school, the same school as my father and as my grandmother before me, and am proud to keep the tradition going. I am very grateful to attend a school like Luther College for it’s strive for academic excellence. At my school I am also a member of a number of activities. I am a member of my schools choir which recently participated in the Rocky Mountains festival in Banff Alberta as well as went to Texas last year on a tour. I have been a member of my school’s soccer team for four years and even played in the championship game helping my school become the winners in the city. I have also been an active participant in my school’s musical performing every year. For clubs I am a member of my school’s Writing club, as well as the Yearbook and Anime clubs. Along with these clubs I am in charge of my school’s choral music library.

Outside of school I am a member of Rangers Girl Guides. I’ve been a member for 11 years and have found the experience very enjoyable and reward in teaching skills and values that I still follow to this day.

My plan next year is to attend the University of Saskatchewan to study Engineering Physics. I look forward to the challenge.