Sarah – Luther College High School

My name is Sarah Arscott and I have had the privilege of attending Luther College High School since the fall of 2013. Through my studies at Luther I have learned how to be creative and diligent in my work. In a world with so many alternative points of view, keeping an open mind is especially important. Fed by the lessons of the teachers here, sometimes my mind feels so full I think everything is falling out.

Luther’s encouragement of student leadership allowed me to develop the necessary skills to lead a club. I am the yearbook editor and have had a lot of fun looking through photos that best reflect the year. Some students know me as “that girl with the camera” because I enjoy taking photos to fill the yearbook pages. I have also participated in the band program at Luther as a percussionist. Luther has given me many opportunities in candlelight band and musical orchestra to use and improve my musical skills.

In the future I’ll be pursuing a career teaching high school and I hope to learn as much from my students as they will from me. I believe that this career will allow me the opportunity to help others understand the world around them from the impact of current events to the use of percentages to calculate sales tax.

I am honoured to be a participant in the Twelfth Year Program and will treasure this opportunity in the years to come.