Samantha Friedrich

Sheldon-Williams Collegiate

Over my time at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate, I have been granted the opportunity to create amazing friendships and memories through participating in extracurricular activities. I have been a part of the basketball team, volleyball team, flag football team, and handball team. These opportunities have created life-long memories and skills. These programs have taught me determination and dedication, as well as the importance in creating genuine friendships with those who surround you.

Alongside extracurricular activities, Sheldon-Williams Collegiate has offered countless experiences that have assisted in creating the person I am today. Invested, caring teachers have supported me throughout my high school career to not only allow me to participate in the activities I love, but to strive for excellence in all the work I put out.

Encouraging, well-rounded teachers have also inspired me to volunteer in my community. At a young age, I organized a bottle drive for Telemiracle, instilling a life-long want to help those in my community. Throughout high school, I have volunteered with the Salvation Army as well as the Saskatoon Humane Society.  These experiences have allowed me to create memories, friendships and chances to give back to my community.

Although change can be intimidating, my experiences in high school have given me the foundation to embrace and understand change.  I am excited and feel prepared to move to the next chapter of my life! My four years at Sheldon Williams Collegiate have been a great reminder that life is a beautiful thing, and it is important to embrace every moment.