Rimsha N.

Regina Huda School

I was born in Toronto, Ontario and, at the age of eight, moved here to the Prairies. From a young age, I
have been very shy, but around my close friends and family, I am a completely different person, cracking
absolutely humourous dad jokes and pretending to be a ninja with my three younger siblings (which by
the why, is my dream job).
When I’m not goofing around, you can find me invested in a good book, watching everything and
anything on YouTube and in the summer time, playing soccer, walking or enjoying long evening car
I will race anyone and anything; running (I’m literally the clumsiest person alive, but nothing stops me
from running) gives me an adrenaline rush and makes me feel more alive and connected to nature.
Speaking of nature, I love, love, love flowers, especially red roses, which is why I wanted them as an
element for my pictures.
I also have a passion and, if I don’t say so myself, skill and talent for writing. In fact, one day I hope to
publish my own book series. Will it be as great as the Harry Potter series? You’ll have to read to find out
I consider myself a fairly compassionate and kind person. I easily connect with people and just have a
general interest in people’s stories and their cultures. One day, I want my childhood dream of travelling
to Japan to come true.