Raiden C.

Thom Collegiate

Growing up in a house with four siblings and high expectations from parents, I have learned to have high
expectations for myself as well. Starting in Grade 9, I developed an interest in math and science. In
math, I enjoyed the humour around learning how to drop a logarithm, among many other things. In
science, I enjoyed chemistry and biology because of the visual stimuli. All of this hard work paid off
when I achieved an average of 97% last year.
The high expectations I set for myself have also carried into my love of sports. I first grew to love soccer
because of my dad. Playing soccer, I have won a WCP tournament with Team Canada. The other sport I
have come to love is basketball. I was on a Thom team that was runner-up in city finals.
Music is my other passion outside of school and sports. I was in band from Grades 6-11 and I really
enjoyed it. I still enjoy playing the alto saxophone and have also learned to play the guitar. I have even
learned a little bit of the piano on my own. Music has been an escape for me and a way to express
When I graduate, I am going to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When
I get back, I am planning to attend university, first in Regina and then in Alberta, to become an
ophthalmologist to fix people’s eyes because mine are really bad.