Raeez H.

Thom Collegiate

My name is Raeez Hossain, and I am a senior at Thom Collegiate in the French Immersion program. In
2009, at the age of seven, I moved from Mauritius Island to Regina. I was fluent in French and Creole
when I arrived in Canada. Learning English was one of the first steps to adapting to my new environment
and it was through sports that I was able to improve my English.
I started playing soccer in the streets of Mauritius and fell in love with the game. When I moved to
Canada, I started playing club soccer and it was my first time playing in a more competitive atmosphere.
In high school, I started playing football and rugby, which opened a lot of doors for me. I was selected to
go to British Columbia to compete in rugby at the national level in the summer of 2018. I also played
football for my high school team for three years as a kicker.
I am interested in a career in the medical field, as well as a career being a translator. Since I like to
communicate with people, and learning new languages has been a recurring part of my life, I plan to go
to the south of France during the spring break to further develop my French language. This experience
will help with my future studies pursuing a career as a translator, which I plan on completing in Belgium
if I decide not to pursue a medical career.