Nolin K.

Harvest City Christian Academy

Nolin Kumar was born in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh. Since then, he has lived all over India and travelled
to most parts of India. In January 2010, his family arrived in Canada ready to take on the challenges of
this new country. After a few years in Canada, Nolin developed a strong enthusiasm for reading and was
reading everything he could get his hands on, from encyclopedias to fantasy. This was all due to the
extraordinary systems of libraries that Saskatchewan has.
Nolin still had his love for adventure and his passion for doing crazy things! And that led him into joining
every sport available up until Grade 10, during which he enrolled in the cadet program. Now he aspires
to be a pilot in the Armed Forces and has been accepted into the Royal Military College.
His creativity knows no bounds and he often writes poetry and sketches. He is also into 3D modelling
and digital music production. These days, when he is not editing videos for the Student Leadership
Council for Harvest City Christian Academy, or busy with schoolwork and cadets, he enjoys playing the
guitar and composing songs. He has his plans and is ready for the future!