Campbell Collegiate

Being a Campbell student has definitely changed my life for the better. Throughout my years at Campbell Collegiate, I have been very committed in the arts, athletics and academic programs at my school. Whether it’s singing Christmas carols in the hallways with my choir or eating lunch with a special needs student, I find there is always something to do at Campbell to make my day special.

Sports have always been a huge part of my life, and I am happy to be attending a school with such a great athletics program. From basketball to handball, I have had the privilege to represent seven of my Campbell Tartan teams as Captain. This position has allowed me to grow both as a leader and as a person. One of my biggest athletic achievements during my time at Campbell was leading the junior girls’ basketball team to winning championships. Moments like that are what make me realize how amazing it is to be a Tartan.

In addition to sports, academics have always been important to me. I have maintained above an 85% average in all of the classes I have completed thus far, and I have no plans to abandon that pattern in Grade 12. I pride myself in maintaining amazing relationships with my teachers, which has helped me develop into the person I am today! Overall, I am a passionate person who likes to succeed in all aspects of my life. I find joy in helping others succeed, which in turn makes me a better person.