Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School

The first thing many people notice about me is that I am loud, which fits well with Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School’s “Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Respectful” motto. Whether I am laughing at my own jokes or telling a dramatic story, it is difficult not to hear me.

Born and raised in Regina by my parents (later joined by my brother,) I have found many ways to keep myself occupied. I danced for more years than I can count (eleven years—- thanks AP Calculus) and have been developing my art skills. On the topic of the arts, this year I also partook in Miller’s One Act plays, which was a brand new experience for me. Joining extra-curricular activities has allowed me to meet new groups of people and be involved in new opportunities that I am thankful for every day.

In the realm of academics, I have always enjoyed challenging myself. I have settled on two AP classes, Calculus and Computer Science. I have also taken many arts classes, such as Visual Art and Photography10. Next year I am pursing the Computer Systems Technology Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

One goal I focused on during my grade twelve year was being a positive light in someone’s life. I love seeing people smile and laugh so I made it a personal mission to spread positivity and love with my peers and community. Saying that, I truly hope you have an amazing day and thank you for taking the time to read about me