F. W. Johnson Collegiate

My name is Matthew Leusink, and over the past four years, I have attended F.W. Johnson Collegiate. I played football for two years, was on the track team for three years, cross country for one and experienced being an outdoor school leader.

Outside of school, I enjoy working out and spending time with my family, friends and dogs. I’ve always found enjoyment from reading and gaming and spend a good amount of my spare time indulging in these hobbies. Jogging has always been my go-to activity and favourite way to spend my time because it relaxes me and makes me feel alive.

During my four years at Johnson, I’ve gone through difficult times but have also had a great time with the people close to me. High school has taught me many lessons and moulded me into who I am now. I’ve grown as a person and am excited for life to take off after high school. I owe everything I’ve learned and ways I’ve changed to my teachers and friends over my high school years and will always thank them for helping me improve myself.

For my future, I plan on taking the Primary Care Paramedic program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Regina. Once I complete the course, I want to pursue a career as a paramedic and live a great life. I am thankful to be a Twelfth Year recipient and am looking forward to what life has in store for me!