Mason C

Balfour Collegiate

Most people at Balfour know me as “that one short Grade 12 guy who's really good at dancing and
making videos…also that guy in the inflatable T-Rex costume,” but those who ACTUALLY know me call
me Mason. If that intro sentence doesn’t give you enough insight as to who I am, I don’t know what will.
I am a proud Balfour “Bear” and my previous years attending high school have been memorable, to say
the least. Throughout the years I have attended Balfour, I have dabbled a little in ultimate frisbee,
wrestling and band. I also have put blood, sweat and tears into team handball.
One thing that has really stuck with me in the past few years has been hip hop. Outside of the
classroom, the dance room is where you are most likely to find me. Much to the surrounding teacher’s
dismay, you’ll see me jamming out to loud music (which is often the same 10 seconds of a song so I can
get the moves down right).
Outside of dance, I take a particular interest in math, physics and chemistry. That interest has propelled
me to study at the University of Regina shortly after I graduate to become a high school math/science
teacher, majoring in physics and double minoring in chemistry/math.