Maryam S.

Regina Huda School

This coming June, I’ll also be graduating from high school, as everyone else in this program is. My name is Maryam Sajjad and I plan on attending the University of Saskatchewan come next fall. I plan on studying Computer Science and then see where life takes me from there. I’d like to say my time at Regina Huda School (10 years!) has partly shaped me into the person I am today. Joining the school, back in grade three, brought me into a tight-knit family that has been with me along this long journey. I made tight bonds with friends that last a lifetime and I’m excited to continue onto university with them to make more memories. During high school, I grew a passion for art and experimented with many forms of art, mainly painting! Painting scenes of cottages that have been taken over by nature over the years are the best to paint in my opinion, and also the hardest too. Although I don’t see it as any more than a hobby, I made an art Instagram page to show all my progress! In my free time, I love to add to the page. I am honored to be a part of the Twelfth Year program on behalf of the graduating class of 2021 at Regina Huda School and can’t wait for what life holds for me in the near future.