Marianne D.

Winston Knoll Collegiate

My name is Marianne Djigo, and I am a student at Winston Knoll Collegiate!
Sports have always been a big part of my life, which explains why I’ve been a student athlete at Winston
Knoll for the past four years. Sprinting has been one of my favourite sports because of the aspect of
competing with and setting new goals for myself, as well as the aspect of teamwork when competing in
Aside from sprinting, I’ve been on the WKC girls’ soccer team for two years. I have been enrolled in
Advanced Placement classes for the past four years, and my other interests include science, particularly
biology and chemistry! I’ve been volunteering at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre for three years now,
and at school I’ve been a member of the yearbook committee for the past three years, along with being
a peer buddy in the Best Buddies program!
I plan on studying biomedicine next year to eventually obtain a degree in biomedical sciences, with the
intention to pursue a career in medicine. I aspire to aid those in less fortunate countries and situations,
with one of my biggest endeavours being to be able to provide equal opportunities to as many people as
possible in the domain of healthcare. A good sprint starts with a well-set starting block, and being a
student at Winston Knoll and an active member in my community has provided me with the starting
blocks I need to pursue my goals and aspirations in the future.