Maija K.

Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School

For the past four years, I have had the good fortune to participate in and run a substantial number of
events at Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School. Through attempting to live a diverse life, I have been
able to build an open mind and optimistic outlook.
I have been a member of our school’s volleyball team every year in high school; I have been an active
member of the Student Representative Council every year. Through my dedication and hard work with
the SRC I earned the inaugural position as the Spirit Director, which was put in place as an alternative to
a school president. I was a member of SADD and have been a member of That’s Possible for two years,
and a member of Best Buddies for three, which has earned me a spot as co-president of the club. As far
as academics goes, I have received great distinction (95% or higher average) every year of high school. I
take my courses very seriously and often put in multiple excess hours to perfect my work and/or
studying. I do this especially in my advanced calculus class. Recently, I have made myself available to
tutor students on a volunteer basis. I was named recipient of the Royal Leadership Initiative Award in
2016, and the Royal Gold Achievement Award in 2017. In future endeavours I plan to enter the Faculty
of Science at the University of Regina and have received a $3,000 entrance scholarship.