Logan K.

Regina Christian School

My blond hair and blue eyes may fool you; however, ¡Soy Mexicano de corazón! (I'm Mexican at
heart!). At seven years of age, my parents decided to move to Mexico, where I was immersed into a
culture which was unfamiliar and a language I didn’t speak. During those seven great years of my life,
I embraced the culture, people and language. As a result, I am fluent in Spanish, and I long for the
Pacific beach when the cold Canadian winds begin to blow. We returned to Regina four years ago to
care for my grandpa, and I’m grateful that my two siblings and their spouses live nearby. I recently
became a proud uncle to the most adorable baby boy.
I started attending Regina Christian School in Grade 10, which has been a fantastic experience.
Sports have been a crucial part of my high school years, including soccer, volleyball and basketball.
International missions have also played a huge role in my formation, taking me to Belgium,
Guatemala and three trips to Estonia. I thank my family, teachers, coaches and mentors who have
encouraged and influenced me in becoming the person I am today.
Having a knack for business, I have been a young entrepreneur since I was seven. I enjoy mechanics,
electronics and design. I am a hands-on worker and excited to be one of the 12 accepted into
Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Innovative Manufacturing program. I look forward to what the future
brings and what God has in store for me.