My name is Kristian, and I was born on December 3, 1996, in Regina, Saskatchewan. My parents have always supported everything I do, whether it’s coming to watch my varied sports games or listening to my band concerts.

I have always been extremely interested in music. In Grade 6, I started playing the saxophone in our school-area band, and in Grade 10, after a few weeks of learning some basic chords in a music class, I spent most of my time playing the guitar. Now I play my guitar daily.

In high school, I joined the soccer, basketball, volleyball, curling and badminton teams, while also being a techie/actor for the drama club and being a member of the Student Representative Council. During my lunch hours, I was busy enhancing my music skills as part of our school band and choir.

I am forever grateful for meeting my music teacher, Ms. Alison Thiele. If it weren’t for her constant encouragement and teaching, I don’t even know if I would have ever found the enjoyment I do from music. To think that I’ll be attending the University of Regina next year to further my studies in Music Education is a dream that I previously thought was impossible. This has taught me to reach high for my dreams, take every opportunity given to me, and to never give up!