Kaylie M.

Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School

My name is Kaylie McCall and I am a grade 12 student at Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School.
Throughout high school, I have played a very active part in the Riffel community. I have been involved in
as much as I possibly could. I was in a drama production every year, consistently on the Improv team, on
the Student Representative Council (current Assembly Director) and involved in That’s Possible drama
productions where Riffel students are paired up with the FIAP students for a one-night performance.
Due to my high amount of involvement and dedication, I have received many academic and extra-
curricular awards.
In grade 10, I was invited to a Rugby pre-season tryout, which intrigued me as the only thing
missing from my resume was athletics. I immediately accepted a spot on the team. I have continued to
love Rugby because of its inclusiveness of all women, as well as it is a way for me to release anxieties
and stresses of my busy schedule. The skills, confidence, and push from my coach, encouraged me to
continue onto an advanced level when I joined the Regina Rogues woman’s team. This experience has
helped me increase my athletic ability as well as confidence on and off the field.
Additionally, I hold two part-time jobs. One for the City of Regina as a lifeguard and swim
instructor, the other as a pharmacy assistant at a local pharmacy. Next year, I will attend the University
of Regina in the Faculty of Science.