Kasia R.

Balfour Collegiate

My name is Kasia Rosescu and I am in my last year of high school. Finally! For the past four years, I have attended Balfour Collegiate, and I am proud to call myself a ‘Balfour Bear.’ Throughout these long, busy years, I have been extremely fortunate enough to make great friends, participate in amazing activities and be the lead in a fantastic musical. These activities and experiences are going to be things that I will never forget! Along with my devotion to extracurricular, I am also greatly focused on my school work, achieving high grades in any class that I can. In my spare time, anybody could find me hunched over a good book or strumming the strings of my guitar. Creation is a great passion of mine, whether that be through the words of an amazing author, or through poetry and melodies played on an instrument. My dedication to the things I love has helped me achieve greatness throughout my high school experience. Not only do I have great passions for music and literature, but I have an intense urge to help others and so, I plan to carry my dedication into a career as a Social Worker. I am to be attending the University of Regina through Luther Collegiate in the fall of 2021, and I cannot be more thrilled to begin this next chapter of my life.