Thom Collegiate

My name is Kalli Brown, and I am proud to say I have been a Thom Trojan for the last four years. My studies and extracurricular activities have kept me very busy during that time, but they have helped me grow and learn immensely, and I wouldn’t change a second of it.

I sing in the concert choir, the chamber choir and the vocal jazz group, and the three amazing choir directors who have taught me during my time here have taught me so much about music and about confidence.

Volleyball gave me a team to play with and learn from, for which I could not be more grateful. Playing as a partner on the Unified basketball team for the past two years has given me so many new friends and experiences that have helped to shape me into who I am today.

The SRC, which I joined only this year, has been an incredible learning experience and is such a fun challenge to take part in with the friends around me. I was lucky enough to be elected vice-president of the SRC, and I am proud to represent Thom Collegiate and to be able to work on making it a better place every day.

And despite all odds, some of my best memories have come from AP calculus class, a huge challenge which has to prepare me for the future. The friends and memories I have made in the last four years are ones I will treasure forever, even if we are moving on to bigger and better things very soon. I know I will look back on this time fondly, and I am so excited to see what the future has to offer.