F. W. Johnson Collegiate

My name is Jullianna Belanger, and I am a student at F.W Johnson Collegiate.

I never considered myself a leader, contrary to what my teachers thought of me. Through the encouragement of my teachers at Johnson, I reluctantly joined the Leadership class in Grade 10, and I very quickly learned to love the class and the skills taught within it. I learned to recognize that when inequalities exist, that it is important to take action.

I have been fortunate enough to play for the Johnson basketball teams throughout my high school career. I love being part of a team. It is very important to connect with the team, to listen and to learn, whether we win or lose as a team.

My post-graduation plan is to become a middle-years teacher. I care about kids. I want to help students see that teachers care. I want to connect with children to help them discover their potential and be who they want to be.

When I was younger, school was easy for me. I have had to work hard in high school to find a balance between school, work and life. I have had many supportive people in my life who have pushed me to continue to work hard and succeed. I am thankful for these people. Support can only go so far, and I thank those who have stuck by me through my search for independence. I am who I am because of the special people in my life.