Regina Christian School

My name is Jessica Anne Geisam, and I will be graduating from Regina Christian School in 2020. Throughout high school, I have participated in many extracurricular programs at my school. Some of these include volleyball, basketball, soccer, student leadership club, mentorship, international buddies, and many more throughout my years.

I have a passion for helping people and getting to know them. This is probably because of my amazing family, and this passion has caused me to be an outgoing and bubbly person. I am not only happy to be known as someone who is constantly smiling and laughing but also as someone who is there for others and offers help if there is an opportunity. My overall high school experience has been very positive, and I am proud to say that I will always remember being an RCS Grizzly.

One thing that I really enjoy outside of my school hours is spending time with my grandpa and his John Deere collection. He has been collecting tractors for many years and in that time, I have become close with him as we often go on road trips to buy different tractors together. As we go on our journeys, I drive his Cadillac while we talk about everything and anything. He has been a very integral and important person in my life, especially in the past couple of years.

I am very honoured to be representing Regina Christian School and excited to be continuing my education at the University of Regina for kinesiology and then into physiotherapy for my degree. I look forward to seeing what my future holds for me as I journey into adulthood.