Jay G.

F.W. Johnson Collegiate

“Not all who wander are lost.” Tolkien stated this in one of his pieces, and I can’t help but agree. To live and grow through new experiences is often portrayed as dangerous or risky, but I believe that the most beautiful paths are the ones least travelled.
I am an aspiring zoologist with a deep passion for the less-loved critters such as snakes and lizards. While studying at the University of Calgary, I hope to take part in their study-abroad program in order to travel more paths and experience the world in a new light. I am also a passionate writer and artist with a love for gothic horror and fantasy. In fact, my travels often inspire my art, as they allow me to explore the astounding landscapes and classic architecture which are so different from those I see closer to home. I hope that my focus on exotic species allows me to experience more of the world as I further my education.
Nothing brings me more joy than learning by experience; I’ve demonstrated this through my
achievements in the sport of archery, as well as those regarding my artwork. I suppose I am also a storyteller at heart, whether that story is about some new species I’ve recently learned about or an age-old legend passed down through the generations.
Home is where the heart is, and a part of my heart will always wander freely regardless of whether I know where it will take me.