Jaden T.

Balfour Collegiate

My name is Jaden Trudeau, and I am a Grade 12 student at Balfour Collegiate. I love Balfour for many reasons, but most for the friendliness between students and staff. Balfour is extremely community oriented and it has been humbling to spend my high school years here. I will be sad to leave but when I do, I will be attending Saskatchewan Polytechnic in the fall of 2019 for electrical engineering technology.

I have a deep passion for anything to do with music, whether playing, listening or creating my own. Good music keeps me inspired for everything from studying and exercise, to the occasional gloomy day. Music has been with me since I was born and I want to continue this passion throughout my life. I also enjoy staying active; whether it's playing basketball with friends or hitting the gym, I strive to stay social, active and enjoy everything life has to offer.
I love to travel; I have been lucky enough to get to visit four different countries so far. It is one of my life goals to increase that number as I get older! I see travelling as the best way to emphasize with the struggles of other cultures and realize how grateful we should be to live in such an amazing country like Canada!
I would like to thank Erin and Andrea from Twelfth Year for dedicating so much of their time to help express our passions using their expertise and being able to visually represent that through their amazing photography!