Sheldon-Williams Collegiate

My name is Jabreel Rana, and I am a student at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate. Many people have asked me what I have managed to accomplish in my four years of high school. For many months, this question would float around my mind and I felt that I had not done as much as I should have now that high school was coming to an end, but that proved false in Grade 11.

I was part of many cool activities and smaller events at our school, but I wanted to expand my horizon and take on the bigger picture ideas. This would mean I would partake in the Leadership 20 class and choose a problem or issue that is hot in our community. Mental health was a hot topic and every one in three students was suffering from some form of mental illness so I wanted to make a difference to change all of that. Many fundraisers took place over many months and my classmates and I put in tons of hours of work but the end reward was definitely worth it. We raised over $17,000, which was all donated to Canadian Mental Health. Over the course of this initiative, it was evident that my skills and hard work proved to be helpful for many students at our school.

I am also an AP Biology 30 and AP Calculus student and look forward to moving onto the University of Saskatchewan to study pre-medicine. I would like to become a neurologist doctor in radiologic sub sections. I tend to like doing school work and excelling. I am also a multisport athlete who likes to play many sports. Soccer, handball and golf are my favourite sports, and I have been playing them in all four of my high school years.

That is my life and who I am and what made me who I am.