You may be asking yourself, where should I do my photo session? Well, our options are either in-studio or on-location. In-studio we have a highly controlled setting, where lighting can be fully adjusted and our background can be either a solid colour, floral pattern, or wooden barn look. However, with an on-location shoot, we can explore whatever area we are in to take advantage of the environment. On location can occur in a safe space like your home, a local park, or your school. Or it could be somewhere more fun, adventurous, and creative, like a childhood campground, a field of canola (with permission!), or Regina’s Cathedral area, with its mesmerizing architecture and murals.


When thinking about your location, ask yourself: where do I feel safe, happy, or at one with myself? Over the years, we have found that when students choose locations that make them feel comfortable, they are able to ease into their shoot and the photos turn out more natural. If you’re still stuck on where to go, challenge yourself to think: is there a location in or out of town that tells my story and has added to who I am as a person? And if you’re STILL stuck, trying looking through some of the photos we have of previous Ambassadors – maybe one of them will spark your creativity.


No matter where you decide to have your shoot, let us know your ideas and we will work some magic! If you’re worried that your idea is too big or extravagant, send it to us anyway – we can always use the inspiration to make your session unique to you. Oh, and remember – if you choose an on-location setting that isn’t your property, make sure we have permission to be on it!