So, we’ve met, had an amazing time doing a photoshoot, and now you need to come in for your viewing session. You probably have some questions about what this entails. Well, after your session we headed back into the studio to pare down the awesome shots we got of you. We usually pair down your photos to the best 20-30 shots. This may seem like an intimidating number of photos to go through, but don’t worry, we have a sleek system to help you find just the right pictures!


Once you’re in the studio, we show you a quick video of the photos, giving you a feel for what we’ve taken and allowing you to start picking out some of your favourite images. Then we will show you the images individually and get your gut reaction: yes, maybe, or no. The goal is to find a single image for the show, so photos that don’t inspire you or create joy can be discarded right away. Next, we will go through the “maybe” section. This involves seeing if there are any photos you want to bump up, or if you think you have enough on your plate in the “yes” folder already.


When it comes time to tackle your favourite photos, we will bring them up in groups of similar images. This grouping may be based on a pose, image angle, or the props within the photo. This way, you can see photos that are equally as stunning, but look at the fine details to determine which one you like best. After we have narrowed the images down to the top few, we will look at them all and evaluate the story they tell.


This is the point when you have to determine what you want to say in your photo. Do you want to feature what has gotten you to where you are? Do you want to highlight your aspirations? Maybe a bit of both? No matter what you choose, we know that you will look great in your photos and have a stellar time along the way!