My name is Holly and I am the second oldest of four children. My whole family is very close; my brothers and parents mean a lot to me. Growing up in a tight family, we love many of the same things, such as hunting, fishing, swimming, and reading.

I love being involved in everything. I have participated in musical, choir and advanced choir, soccer, improv (improvised drama), yearbook (as a co-editor), youth group, curling, and so much more in my years of high school. I also have two jobs, working as a lifeguard and pharmacy assistant. I excel at school, taking some International Baccalaureate (IB) classes as well as having a generally full class load with few spares. I am always busy, which has helped me develop time management and organizational skills.

As I look at this picture, I smile a bit since I no longer plan to go into Pharmacy. After having experienced pharmacy as a pharmacy assistant, I realized that it isn’t something I want to do for my whole life. I plan to enter the sciences eventually, and I’m still leaning towards health care, but that is still to be decided.

Next year, I am attending the Outtatown Discipleship School through Canadian Mennonite University, which gives me the opportunity to travel to Guatemala for a semester and learn Spanish, but more importantly, it gives me a year to explore and grow in my Christian faith before heading into the work force.