Heeqma A.

Campbell Collegiate

I have always heard people say, “Every picture tells a story.” Luckily, I have finally attained this priceless opportunity to tell mine. I am Heeqma (Hikmah), meaning wisdom.

Let us say I like to live up to the meaning of my name; by l earning and being involved in different things that aggravate my self-worth. My humanitarian journey started a few years ago when I first learned how to knit/crochet. Since then, I have been optimistic about giving back to my community. Knitting gave me a sense of purpose and helped me develop confidence. With every creative piece, I feel I am crafting my heart and spreading love. I dedicatedly knit for less privileged babies in Africa, participate in sports like soccer lawn tennis, volunteer quite a lot at the Regina Open Door Society, and generally pursue a responsible leader’s attributes. Although I consider myself a busy lady, I make sure my grades are excellent because I believe that, as special as we are, the most priceless gifts are hidden in books. I hope to invest so much in education as a successful biomedical engineer in the future.

Lastly, the people around me, especially my family, and the major opportunities I acquired have all impacted my life. I find peace and motivation in everyone around me and, importantly, my religion. Through all my encounters in life, I have continuously learned to grow as a woman of virtue and hope to instill that in people around me.

Cheers to a bright future.