Hamza E.

Regina Huda School

My name is Hamza Maher Nabih Elshakankiri. I am a member of the Student Leadership Council and the
debate team at Regina Huda School. As a competitive fencer, I compete on the provincial and national
I started fencing about three years ago. I have always been fascinated by sword duals and medieval
battles, but the story that got me into the sport is quite bazaar. It was when one of my classmates was
injured during a fencing practice and started telling me about it that I realized there is a fencing club in
As soon as I held a fencing sword in my hand, I knew I would love the sport. It is truly fascinating how
much strategy and technique go into every move a fencer makes. Fencing is like speed chess. Every
move has a lot of strategies but is also lightning fast. I fence Sabre which, in my opinion, is the best type
of fencing.
I slowly made my way through the ranks of fencers from losing all of my bouts to winning some and now
to winning medals. I am currently the top junior sabre fencer in Saskatchewan.
I plan to continue fencing for the rest of my life, following the famous saying, “Fencing is a life sport; no
matter how old you are, you can still fence.”