Grace T.

Regina Christian School

My name is Grace Thomas, and I have been going to Regina Christian School since Pre-Kindergarten. It
is a place that has done so much for me as it has helped me grow into the person I am today. It has also
given me great opportunities in areas regarding academics, extracurricular activities and life skills. I
have been involved with the SLC, choir, musical, robotics and mentorship programs at RCS. These have
been vital in my faith and the relationships in my life.
Outside of school, summer camp has been a significant part of my life and it changed me for the
better. St. John Bosco Wilderness Camp has given me confidence and strength as I accomplish the
extreme challenges it has set before me. It has helped me grow as I experience nature in the best way
possible and is an important source of joy in my life. The greatest part of that camp is the people and
they have given me memories that motivate me every day.
At this moment, I am uncertain of what exactly next year holds but I plan on taking a gap year to spend
time doing something other than school. This summer, I plan on working at camp. For the rest of the
year, I plan on joining a musical theatre program in the city and saving money for university. I plan to
later apply to the University of Saskatchewan Business Program to get a Bachelor of Commerce.