Gilbert – Scott Collegiate

My name is Gilbert Bellegarde. I am the youngest of five children in my family. My whole family is very close, everyone in my family means a lot to me and it’s great that we all love playing the same sport of baseball. I grew up learning how to field groundballs or catch pop flies (when it wasn’t my turn to bat). Growing up with these skills, I played with Team Saskatchewan at the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) in Regina, where we won gold. I will also be competing in the 2017 NAIG in Toronto.

During the winter, I spend a lot of time indoors. I don’t enjoy the cold but I love the beauty of the snow. In the summer, my favourite thing is sitting in the sun at a ball diamond chewing on Spitz with a Gatorade in my hand.

Next year, I plan to take the Computer Networking Technician program as Sask Polytechnic in Regina. I will be working on the thing I love while maintaining my ball drive. Within three years, I plan to have a job as a network analyst while making time for ball tournaments every chance I can. In the winter months, I want to spend more time keeping in shape and to be more social with friends or family.