Faye A.

Balfour Collegiate

My name is Faye Almojuela. I was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada when I was eight years
old. I am very blessed to have a loving and supportive family who inspires me to grow as an individual
and encourages me to strive for success.
In my four years at Balfour, I’ve been involved in a variety of sports teams such as soccer, basketball and
handball. In Grade 9, I was named Rookie of the Year for girls’ soccer. Throughout the years, I’ve always
been proud to represent Balfour Collegiate while playing these sports. My coaches shaped who I’ve
become today as they taught me the significance of perseverance and hard work.
Extracurricular is significant in my life; however, I’ve consistently made my academics top priority. I’m a
diligent student and I always strive to attain excellence. My academic persistence and conscientiousness
has allowed me to receive honour roll and meritorious awards every year. I was especially blessed to
earn the gold medal for having the highest overall average in Grade 11. Being in Advanced Placement
and accelerated subjects has been stressful at times, and I couldn’t have endured it without the help
from all of my incredible teachers.
As for my future, I’m enrolled at the University of Regina’s Faculty of Science in the pre-dentistry
program. Afterwards, I plan to complete my remaining years of dentistry at University of British
Columbia. I am pleased and thankful to be a Twelfth Year recipient and look forward to my future.