Martin Collegiate

My name is Emma Kathleen Kasprick, but when I was younger, I preferred being called Spider-Man! When adults would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’d answer, “Spider-Man!” It never seemed to be a welcome answer to whomever I replied, but I guess I was indifferent to their consternation. To this day, I still admire Spider-Man’s problem solving, his resilience, humour, work ethic and passion for helping others. Though I’ll never wear a Spidey suit or have web-shooting powers, I think I’ll always quietly do my best to live with those Spider-Man-like qualities.

I am passionate and dedicated to many things: academic achievement (staff medals annually), musical theatre (roles Ariel & Belle), basketball, art and earning income both through a part-time job and running my own cotton candy business. Yes, I traded spinning webs for spinning candy! Running this small business has been special because I’ve worked as a team with my brother, Caleb, and it’s provided us many opportunities to give back to the community!

I will miss Martin Collegiate and all of my teachers. I am proud to belong to a school that values arts, athletics, academics and community.

I am excited to move on to my post-graduate life to complete a degree in civil engineering. Right now I’m considering a move to Edmonton to attend the University of Alberta, where I’ve been offered a President’s Entrance Citation. As excited as I am, I miss my friends and family already.